WIFI Bridge   –   Wifi Over WAN
The Dongler can connect aswell to Multiply Wifi access Points,  we call it a Wifi Bridge which is unique in Mifi land.
And it automatic switch from 2/3/4G data networks to Wifi access points when you near it.

The Vlan is another unique feature of the Dongler, Vlan creates a Virtual Internet Network for your Laptop or PC.  Just connect the Dongler with a USB cable to an USB port from your Laptop or PC and you have Highspeed internet isn’t that great ?

Dongler is partner of NordVPN.
After you have upgraded your Dongler you can use NordVPN to secure yourself anywhere in the world.  In the Mifi market today no one has this VPN feature buildin but the Dongler it has.
It means that all Wifi devices connected to the Dongler can be protected, hackers have no chance to hack internet streams from your  Cellphones, GSM’s , tablets, Laptops or  Internet of Things devices (IOT)

OTA stands for OVER THE AIR programming which means the Dongler receives automatic sofware updates from the manufacturer like your GSM phone.

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