The Dongler offers an optional service for VPN which can be purchased at the website , it comes not included when you purchase the Dongler.   
When you have registered the Dongler ( read the setup manual ) open the Dongler menu and click on the NordVPN icon, 
fill the login details you got from NordVPN  and you can control your NordVPN account,  simple isn’t ?

PS.  The standard Wifi Protocol is hacked and hash keys free on the Internet.  Most Mifi devices use the standard protocol and easy to hack into the Wifi stream.  The Dongler don’t use the standard Wifi protocol but its own, hash keys are not know by others, so even you don’t have VPN activated you already more protected !
We monitor daily hash keys from the Dongler and when found those free on the Internet you get immidiatly a free OTA update over the Internet , this is unique, no other routers has this superb option.   Best ofcourse is to use the Nordvpn service to get 100% protection.

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