Did you know that its possible that your cellphone may not work in other area’s in the world ? In the USA and Europe they use other cellphone transmit frequenties, what is the solution ?
Easy buy a Dongler with EU sim when you travel to Europe and you can use your email program and even your socialising apps to connect to home, office or family. Use a VIOP dailer program to call over the Internet.
You can use a EU SIM in whole Europe as no Internet roamingcost apply.

You can buy the Dongler with EU prepaid Sim in our online shop.
We ship worldwide and to USA it takes arround 7 days to arrive.
You order and we must ship to a European address it takes mostly 2 days to arrive.

Plus when you use the Dongler you are protected against Cybercrime.
Maybe you think it happen not to me but did you know more then 1 Billion people are effected in 2018 due Cybercrime ? Hackers steel you Identity and steel your money! Maybe tomorrow you are a victim so protect yourself today not to be a victim!

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