Why the Dongler?

Quite often we have been asked this question when there are so many other Devices which are for sale on the market, or may have similar functionality?

Like all new IT-based innovations, there is certainly impetus to study the environment, and to ask ourselves can the market sustain a new product as unique as the Dongler? Naturally there has to be a genuine “need”, a reason to buy this device and so this main question is indeed a valid one. The “need” of course (most often than not), is defined by the developer (manufacturer), and it is this technique of persuading the public to focus on the “need” is ultimately an effective tool in convincing doubting minds, or those that perhaps question the validity of releasing a new product into an existing market. Studying the environment is crucial in understanding where the Dongler will find its place. Methods of identifying the use for such a device in everyday life, is certainly a challenge. This report highlights those needs in demonstrating how this could be applied to everyday situations.

What is a MiFi Router?

In short, a Mifi Router is a device that uses the Internet connection (by virtue of an inserted GSM SIM Card) normally by a subscribed method, which is then shared to
another device by means of a WiFi hotspot created by the MiFi Router. So simply put, it’s an Internet sharing device.

So why is the Dongler different from other MiFi Routers?

The Dongler performs exactly like a MiFi router, but with many exceptions.
Incorporated are features and capabilities that presently don’t exist in the current MiFi router market.

  1. WiFi-Bridge – allows the router to share any 2.4Ghz WiFi network
  2. Virtual lan – if your Desktop or Laptop has no 4/5G installed
  3. Smallest MiFi Router in this category
  4. Cloud VPN Network (CVN) capability (optional)
  5. Over the airways (OTA) system which provides real-time updates & improvements.

These features are crucial to the success of the Dongler as we previously explored in our web post, examines the argument of why MiFi Routers in general must have this capability.   https://www.nymexsolutions.com/dongler-more-than-just-a-vpn/ In short, the Dongler is smaller, faster, and the safest Mifi Router in the world. It has more features and capability than the current MiFi market can provide. In addition, subtile or major changes can be made to improve the features and the performance of the Dongler via its unique over-the-airway (OTA) feature, which keeps the product continually updated and ahead of the game.

What are those specific needs?

WiFi:  The Dongler is the only MifI Router to have a Wifi-Bridge providing true Wifi connectivity, this means it can connect to any 2.4Ghz Wifi network, improving the
battery performance of your device, which means it will last longer in a remote environment. It also provides an alternative choice to connect to the Internet.

GSM Connectivity: The Dongler can be used with most 2G/3G/4G SIM cards, useful when you’re on the go. It’s not fixed (locked) to any provider, but will work with all.
Saves you money: The flexibility of using any GSM SIM card provides convenience and choice, and will save you time and money instead of paying for expensive roaming

Size:  is everything and Mifi Routers are built for mobility to be carried in your pocket,and the Dongler is no exception, it’s the smallest MiFi Router on the market at just 72g.
Portability: The Dongler has been designed to be your ultimate travelling companion(UTC) in being highly portable, and will provide choice when you’re in a remote location.
Speed: nobody wants a slow device; it has to be fast, and the Dongler will boot up in 5Seconds, compared to 15-25 seconds for the average Mifi router.
Internet Sharing: Mifi Routers are specifically built for Internet sharing. This means the Dongler will last longer than conventional devices like laptops or mobile phones.

Privacy, security & protection:  – The Dongler is an adaptation of both current and newtechnologies. It provides the latest solution in protecting your connected device whilst travelling or visiting foreign countries through our unique Cloud VPN Network (CVN) IoT (internet of things): over the next few years, most household products will be connected to the Internet. The Dongler will protect these devices from attacks from the network, keeping you safe and secure.

Diversity: We have incorporated a mix of technologies in producing the Dongler, a combination of practical use, which adopts the latest capabilities.
Cloud VPN Network (CVN): Incorporated into the solution is a progressive CVN, which will keep your Dongler safe in any environment, providing complete privacy, autonomy, and protection.
Sharing your security: The Dongler is the only Mifi Router to be able to share the CVN capability with another device. No other conventional device has this feature.
OTA: Over the airways will keep your Dongler automatically updated with new andimproved features and ahead of the game. No other Mifi router has this capability.
Affordability: The Dongler considering all the features we have introduced, is very good value for money and certainly in line with market prices.

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